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           Provisions Import-Export PROVIMEX was founded and started activity in 1990 as one of the first Polish fully private companies in the international meat trade.
          The basic operations of the Company are export and import of all categories of fresh and frozen meat for cutting and processing plants (Beef, Pork, Poultry). A small percentage of the turnover takes the internal trade, and also sale of ready products and materials for meat industry. Our main markets both for sale and purchases are European Union countries, although a significant volume of imports were coming from the third countries (USA, Australia, South America) before Poland joined EU in 2004. The list of markets PROVIMEX is supplying comprises almost all "old EU" countries and several new member states. The biggest and most important buyers are Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Germany. The dominating meat category in exports is Beef in all different forms (fresh and frozen quarters and cuts). The sales of Pork and Poultry have also grown in the last few years. The biggest market of purchases is Denmark, famous and highly appreciated by Polish processors and consumers for its regular high quality of pig meat. Our suppliers are only plants well experienced and checked throughout the years of collaboration that means a guarantee of highest quality products, as well as controlled and respected veterinary and hygienic standards. Also punctuality of deliveries is of great importance. We are open on new proposals of cooperation from all companies which can fulfil above conditions.
          Also all new, reliable buyers are more than welcome to cooperate, and we are looking forward to hear the enquiries.